Doja Cat has recently been under fire regarding some alleged “racist comments” made in the rapper’s past. The rapper’s remix to her song “Say So” grabbed the number one spot on Billboard charts featuring Nicki Minaj as soon as it released to the public.

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Following Doja Cat’s sticky situation, fans began a trending hashtag in an attempt to cancel the “Juicy” rapper, “DojaCatIsOVerParty.” In the midst of all the controversy, Meg The Stallion’s “Savage” remix featuring Beyonce has surpassed the Say Say duo. Who’s under fire now? Billboard faced some heat from The Barbz after they realized the New York rapper’s credits were not given on the “Say So” entry.

To answer the concerns of The Barbz, Billboard had this to say, “After two weeks of Minaj showing as a featured artist on ‘Say So’ on the Hot 100 and other charts that utilize the same methodology, only Doja Cat is now listed, as the original version, without Minaj, is now driving the majority of overall activity for the song; the change does not affect any of Minaj’s achievements on those charts the past two weeks, and she continues not to be credited on the song on any airplay charts, as the vast majority of the song’s airplay is still for the original version.”


Its safe to say The Barbz can now take a chill pill following Billboard’s explanation.