Casiino Smooth, Ceo of Paradym Music Group LLC, started his YouTube channel with a goal of teaching indie artists about music marketing. He promotes the idea of indie artists not needing a record label to have a successful music career. His videos are centered around trending music topics and music marketing strategies.

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Casiino Smooth has over 12k subscribers on his YouTube channel, hundreds of marketing videos and has amassed millions of views on his platform. He works with other popular YouTube channels such as, SnorDatDude, SupremeKati, LV Skinny, Gattor Martin, K&C Family TV and more to promote his clients music videos through Reaction Videos.

He has also done marketing for hundreds of indie artists across the U.S. and overseas. Casiino Smooth is well known as a recording artist and with the knowledge of quality sound and talent, combined with grade A marketing skills we expect exciting things from his camp. Look out for him and his company Paradym Music Group LLC. 


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