Former NBA player Stephen Jackson is mourning the loss of his close friend who was killed by police in Minnesota on Monday. George Floyd who Jackson calls his “twin” was the victim of police brutality in Minneapolis.

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The story garnered national attention when images of one of the 4 officers involved in the incident were caught kneeling on the neck of Floyd. According to bystanders, Floyd had repeatedly said that he couldn’t breathe while the officer’s knee was on his neck. Floyd reportedly went unconscious and was officially pronounced dead the same day.

The former San Antonio Spurs Forward flooded his social media accounts with stories and well wishes to his good friend.


“Where we from not many make it out but my Twin was happy I did. I’m gonna continue to made u proud fam. It makes me so angry that after all the things u been through when u get to your best self that they take u out like this,” Jackson wrote in one of his several Instagram posts.

The All The Smoke podcast co-host knew Floyd from their hometown in Houston. Like Jackson, Floyd was an athlete growing up. According to Jackson’s posts, Floyd had moved to Minneapolis to start his career as a truck driver.

As Jackson begins the fight on behalf of his “twin” the Minneapolis Police Department has decided to fire the 4 officers involved in Floyd’s death. The officers names as well as the video of the incident have not yet been released to the public.