Michael Jai White appeared on Vlad TV and talked about the days he used to play other celebrities in pool for money.

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He recalled the days when he used to play with Tupac Shakur and how the gangsta rap persona was absent until other Black people were present.

“Tupac and I would play… And what was interesting is that, from my perspective, it was kind of a weird thing with Tupac,” he said. “We would play or we’d hang out, and people would say, ‘You know your friend looks a lot like Tupac.’ Nobody ever thought it was him because the side of him that I knew was so different from what the whole gangster thing.


“I speak the way I speak, no matter who I’m with, right?” Michael Jai White added. “I think that encouraged Tupac, that side of him that was goofy, he felt like, ‘Oh, I can just be myself.'” According to White, he and Tupac would do “goofy sh*t” like have multiplication math challenges. “He would be a different kind of dude, but then we would be playing and then all of a sudden he would go back into, ‘Yeah n*gga.’ [I’d be like] ‘Somebody black must have walked into the room. Yep, there it is.’ He would turn that on and off.”

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