Steve Kerr isn’t one to hold his tongue.

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After yet another death of a black man at the hands of the police, Kerr took to Twiter to display his anger over the death of George Floyd.

“This is murder,” Kerr wrote of the man whose cause of death was listed as due to a “medical incident during police interaction.”


“Disgusting. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with US????”

Minutes before his tragic death, Floyd could be heard telling the officer, “I cannot breathe.” Instead of taking off the pressure on the man’s neck, the official simply told Floyd to relax.

Kerr’s reaction is similar to many around this nation. Since the video of the incident went viral, the officers involved have all been fired, but is that enough?

NBA players and coaches are usually very vocal when it comes to social injustice. If we all want things to change, we need other police officers to be as upset as Kerr is.