Earlier this week the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon received backlash due to a Saturday Night Live clip of him impersonating comedian Chris Rock in blackface resurfaced from 2000.  

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Although Fallon tweeted apologized via Twitter writing “In 2000 while on SNL I made a terrible decision to do an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface. There are no excuses for this. I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable.”

The internet did not accept it and called for the cancelation of Fallon using #JimmyFallonIsOverParty. However, fellow comedian/actor Jamie Foxx came to Fallon’s defense. 


On ENews Instagram post about Fallon, Foxx writes “He was doing an impression of Chris Rock. It wasn’t blackface.” He continued by saying that people should move on, We comedians I know it’s a tough time right now. But this one is a stretch. On a show called In Living Color, we played every race. Let this one go. We have bigger fish to fry #changecourse.

How you feel about Foxx’s comments?