The families of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd are requesting a congressional hearing and a national task force that will establish new bipartisan legislation that will be based in ending racial violence and increasing police accountability.

In assistance, the families are looking to receive a national response in addressing the violence and corruption that has claimed the lives of their family members.

Civil rights attorneys Lee Merritt and Benjamin L. Crump are representing all three families and will host a virtual press conference on Friday, May 19 at 11 am ET/10 am CT on, where they will discuss the families’ plans to pursue justice in the wake of these tragedies.

“We’re devastated about the senseless violence that has broken the hearts of our families,” the families said in a joint statement. “While we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support, it’s important that now – more than ever – we use our voices to enact change, demand accountability within our justice system and keep the legacies of Breonna, Ahmaud and George alive. This is a national crisis and our government needs to take immediate and widespread action to protect our black and brown communities.”

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The families are also declaring a state of emergency and convening a task force to organize national sanctions in areas where these tragedies occurred.