Today in Hip-Hop History marks 28 years since the release of LL Cool J’s third studio LP, Bigger And Deffer, on Def Jam Records.

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Recorded in the legendary Chung King Studios in NYC between ’87-’88, this album is one of Hip Hop’s Golden Era classics, which yielded one of the genre’s prototype songs, “I Need Love”, which was dubbed Hip Hop first “love ballad”. This album also solidified LL’s position in the game, from his signature Kangol being exclusively his, since another Queens MC, MC Shan, had once claimed the Kangol crown, to his own personal line of TROOP outerwear and sneakers.

Other timeless tracks on this LP include “I’m Bad”, which was accompanied by a video, the salacious “Kanday”, and the ode to his former DJ “Go Cut Creator, Go”.


Salute to that era of the Def Jam team that put together this classic gem!