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Bon Dior was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn, in cypress hill projects. He attended Chelsea High school in lower Manhattan and would later enroll in LaGuardia community college, where he would get kicked out just short of his sophomore year. Being kicked out of school as a sophomore he would revert back to the street life of trapping. He started his fascination with music at the age of 12 but would seriously focus on music much later. In early 2017 he would become more inspired and
consistent in his music career and began experience more traction as an artist.

Bon Dior is currently working on his upcoming EP, Lust for the Trap.

Bon Dior’s musical style is melodic rapping and harmonies on a variety of trap and progressive hip hop beats. Conveying emotions in alignment with today’s current drug using youth, amongst his raging energy and distinct swagger.

Bon Dior’s personal style contributes greatly to his image and music. Styling himself staying in tune with both past and current fashion trends his style is a mix of high-end and street fashion.


Get in tune and press play above.