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Based in NYC, French-Cameroonian artist LOMIJOH, has left behind her successful modeling and tennis playing careers’ and has found her spot in the competitive music industry. Following the success of her debut single, ‘Don’t Let It Go,’ the young star launched another jaw dropping hit called ‘Lil Bossy,’ a song that is solely about confidence, strength, and women’s empowerment. The banging track has displayed the many talents of LOMIJOH as she shares with fans her velvety voice, confirming message, and the ability to feel weightless when listening to her songs. The natural born leader is definitely a force to be reckoned with as she releases one bold track after another, leaving listeners thriving for more.  

Her style is one that is mellifluous, a wondrous butterfly with smooth edges, as it incorporates soft soulful hymns and soothing R&B tunes into her sound. Her previous release, ‘Don’t Let It Go’ embodied the inner strength of all types of women, making it a one hit wonder all across the globe. Now, she’s back with ‘Lil Bossy,’ a tasteful blend between soul, rap, and R&B, that was created and produced to reveal LOMIJOH unapologetic aerial style sprouting into her career. 

From a very young age, LOMIJOH was interested and involved in the music creation process as she took piano lessons and started to write music right on her bedroom floor. She pursued a career in tennis and modeling, and earned a degree in International European Elections Law. After reaching the peak of her two careers’, LOMIJOH found enough courage to begin her journey of self-discovery in music. 


LOMIJOH never ignored or displaced all the emotions and feelings she experienced throughout life. She took it to her notebook and started creating her masterpiece singles to share her relatable experiences with people all around the world. The first release of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ was the very first time the star shared her personal relationship story and the significance of communication and hope rather than giving up on love. 

The immediate popularity of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ led LOMIJOH to her next melodic journey. The virtue of vocal purity matched with her solid cognizance of the world she lives in as a human being who looks to spread love, harmony, and resilience, are the messages found in ‘Lil Bossy.’ The latest release permits listeners that LOMIJOH has a significant role in the industry and is definitely here to stay. A compelling figure in the urban music world, make sure you are on the lookout for this young starlet as she takes us all on her musical journey.