The officer directly responsible for the death of George Floyd received a set bail on Saturday. Derek Chauvin The former Minnesota cop has had his bail set at $500,000. The former Minnesota cop is currently being held at Ramsey County Jail in St. Paul.

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As of now, Chauvin has not made bail and is still in police custody. The disgraced officer has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Many protestors and opponents of Chauvin have called for harsher charges against the offending officer. The future defense may have scored a win after the autopsy report revealed no asphyxia or signs of strangulation in Floyd’s death and that he may have died from undiagnosed health problems. The family of the deceased has requested an independent autopsy.


The other three officers who were fired for their involvement in Floyd’s death have not yet been charged with any crimes. As the story continues to develop, new details have come out that Chauvin and Floyd worked overlapping security shifts at the El Nuevo Rodeo club in Minneapolis. This revelation leaves the door open to the idea that the two actually knew each other prior to the confrontation that left Floyd dead.

The officer’s actions and a lack of accountability for the offenders have caused an outbreak of protests and riots across the United States. President Trump who initially spoke out in requesting an expedited investigation from the DOJ and FBI has changed his focus onto rioting and looting that has happened in response to the death of Floyd.