On Friday night (May 29), Dr. Dre got the chance to delve into his sentiments about the death of George Floyd with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio. The once N.W.A. rapper/producer expressed the pain he shares with Black men all over America concerning Floyd’s death.

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“It’s like, man, that situation, it hurt my heart. My heart is still aching,” Dr. Dre told Lil Wayne. “And it felt like that cop had his knee on all of our necks, meaning black men. And yeah, it’s extremely painful. It’s extremely painful because it keeps going on. It continues to go on and it’s like, ‘What can we do? Or what do we need to do to make this thing stop? What is supposed to happen to make this thing stop? It has to stop.”

He continued and questioned the level of the offenses prosecutors charged former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin with which include third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.


“They’re supposed to be arrested and convicted of first-degree murder,” Dr. Dre said. “Point blank, period. They’re supposed to be convicted of first-degree murder. And the f***ed up part is they’re so brazen with it, broad daylight, with cameras on. And he’s got his knee on this guy’s neck for that amount of time and he doesn’t give a f***. His hand is in his pocket.”

The family of George Floyd is not satisfied with the charges and has called on authorities to consider more serious charges. According to CNN, in Minnesota, higher murder charges require a person to have planned and willingly carry a killing or had the intention to kill in the spur of the moment.

Dr. Dre described the tragedy as “baffling,” but he is hopeful the people of America have reached a point of comfort to discuss ways to extinguish racial injustice.

“It’s baffling, but it really feels like something is going to happen now, to at least put us in the area where we can start talking about a way to make this thing stop.”