Harvey Weinstein was recently sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assault against former employees and other women that he’s either worked with or was in his circle. Now today four Jane Doe’s are currently suing him.

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It was a big moment in the #MeToo movement that he was brought to trial and convicted. The Hollywood executive was accused by numerous women in the entertainment industry and now more women are feeling courageous and speaking up.

According to Vulture, one of the women was “approximately seventeen years old” when she was sexually abused by Weinstein. Jane Doe who is now 43, states that when she was seventeen, Weinstein falsely imprisoned, sexually assaulted, sexually battered, and raped her.


Through the sexual assault lawsuit, all four women have chosen to remain anonymous most likely to keep their names out of the tabloids and to protect themselves, family, and loved ones.

Another Jane Doe shares that she was just getting into the entertainment business when a friend suggested that she meet up with Weinstein. Days passed, Harvey picked the girl up and took her to his hotel and this is where she found the producer damn near naked. The anonymous woman claimed it was a business meeting in the lawsuit, but she had to keep her cool because she had no way to get home.

During the brief conversation between the two, the plaintiff states that Weinstein demanded her to perform oral sex on him for a job opportunity. He backed the lady in the corner and forced her to remove her clothes. Once he was stimulated, Harvey proceeded to rape her until he ejaculated.

According to the claim, Weinstein’s brother, Robert Weinstein, knew about what was going on but failed to report any of the crimes that were going on. Robert’s lawyer issued a statement saying that Robert is not supposed to be responsible for his brother’s actions and should not be held accountable.

We’ll see what happens next.