Countries in Europe and Canada are seemingly standing with Americans in protest for the death of George Floyd. 

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The Black Lives Matters movement in America has crossed continents in the wake of recent fatal police shootings of black men in the United States. Demonstrations erupted in Europe and Canada after thousands began protesting across the U.S.

Pictures and videos show people in Berlin, London, Toronto, and more holding signs that say “Black Lives Matter” and chanting the same lines heard in cities across the United States.


Hundreds of protesters gathered in Central London at Trafalgar Square Sunday afternoon and marched toward the United States Embassy. So far, this has been the most visible sign of popular support overseas for the protests across the U.S. against police killings of black people.

As many as 4,000 people gathered in Toronto on Saturday to protest Canada’s racism. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it is a very “real” issue in his country. The protests, though, remained peaceful as protesters dispersed around nightfall.

More protests are planned over the next couple weeks in cities around the world as people continue to demand justice and reform to police systems protesters see as extremely flawed