In every war, there are going to be casualties, and our hearts are with the hardworking black business owners who are victims of the recent looting.

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However, many people aren’t feeling as sympathetic to larger corporations, especially the ones who profit from Black culture.

Police sources say the Rolex store in SoHo was cleaned out. “The Rolex store is empty,” the source said. “They stole like $2.4 million in Rolexes.”


The store was one of many stores that were looted on Sunday night. According to social media, Best Buy, Chanel, StockX, Lululemon, Apple, and more stores all got hit up.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller acknowledged that extremists were showing up after protests to riot, and take advantage of the fight for justice against George Floyd.

However, a spokesperson for the Rolex store “no watches of any kind were stolen, as there weren’t any on display in the store. There were simply windows broken and some vitrines smashed.”