With the world slowly returning to normal, the return of most major sports is still in limbo.

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Major League Baseball is one organization that has been unable to reach a return-to-play agreement. However, the league has discussed playing a shorter schedule.

In this scenario, the MLB would pay members of the MLB Players Association their full prorated salaries, according to reports.


“Based on that feedback received from the Players Association,” the agreement reads, “the Office of the Commissioner will construct and provide to the Players Association, as promptly as possible, a proposed 2020 championship season and postseason schedule (or multiple schedule options) using best efforts to play as many games as possible, while taking into account player safety and health, rescheduling needs, competitive considerations, stadium availability, and the economic feasibility of various alternatives.”

There is also the potential to implement a schedule of around 50 games that would start in July. However, this has been considered by the league as the last resort; implementable if the parties can’t come to a deal.

Currently, players have held out for a full prorated portion of their salaries. This is based on an agreement made with the league on March 26th.

However, on Sunday, an offer was proposed for a 114-game schedule that would cover 70.3% of their original salaries. Also, a 50-game schedule with full prorated salary would pay the players 30.8% of that number.

In addition, the March 26th agreement has language that appears to give the MLB more time. The Commissioner currently has the right to deliver a season schedule after “good faith” discussions between the league and the union.

Time Is Of The Essence

In the agreement, under the “Resumption of Play” heading, it reads:

“By entering into this agreement, the Office of the Commissioner, the Players Association, the Clubs, and Players recognize that each of the parties shall work in good faith to as soon as is practicable commence, play, and complete the fullest 2020 championship season and post-season that is economically feasible.”

The league’s first proposal to the union offered an 82-game schedule with significant salary cuts. A shortened schedule would run in contrast to what the players sought in a proposal sent to the league Sunday.

According to reports, many players will not accept a shorter schedule However, players want more games, and the league wants them to play less.

But the league has contended that it will lose money each game it plays without fans. However, players are pushing for a shorter season for fear of a second wave of the COVID-19.

That could potentially decimate the postseason and the revenue that comes with it.