Back in 1993, a 22-year-old Tupac Shakur took the podium at the 23rd Annual Indiana Black Expo and bared his heart about police brutality, going to war and ownership.

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Introduced by Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who held the same sentiments as the late rapper…Tupac told the kids of the 90’s to put their minds together and go to war. Speaking on ownership as a man and woman, bearing arms, and togetherness, an emotional Tupac shared his experience as a black man in America who became successful. The platinum rapper stopped his busy schedule to influence a group of young black teenagers who were hanging on his every word, Tupac commanded the crowd to stand up for something. Shoulder to shoulder. And today his words are echoing the feelings of the new generation of this nation.

Dr. Greg Carr and Tupac Shakur during an 23rd annual Indiana Black Expo, 1993

“We can’t be do but so much marching…We’ve been marching for damn near 100 years. We are marching on the anniversary of marches from when we marched 25 years ago.” Pushing the kids to arm themselves and challenge the system many disagree with his words. It still remains that the soldier attitude and passion Tupac illuminated seems to be gone from this era.


That year, Pac spoke to us, and his words still ring a bell today. What changes will we make? Where are our leaders today? Who will this generation listen to?

“These white people see us as thugs…”

Watch Tupac’s epic speech below. Rest in power king.