It’s been a long time coming for Rep. Steve King who on multiple occasions has spouted racist views as a member of the House of Representatives. King lost his primary election to Republican Randy Feenstra. Feenstra earned 45 percent of the vote to King’s 36 percent.

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King previously got away with a lot of his racist comments within his party, but last year he drew his last straw with republicans. In an interview with The New York Times, King questioned when the terms white nationalist and white supremacist became offensive.

As a result of his outward racism, King was stripped of all committee assignments in the House which is what likely prompted Iowa voters to re-think their relationship with the 17-year House Member.


King said in 2017 that Blacks and Latinos “will be fighting over each other” before Whites become a minority in America. King also called the majority of Mexican immigrants drug smugglers with legs the size of cantaloupes. The New York Times produced a timeline of King’s controversial statements.

The 71-year-old politicians career is likely over after his latest loss. Randy Feenstra will now prepare for the general election against Democrat Abby Finkenaur who ran unopposed in her primary.