The details of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery continue to become more startling. Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. had their first day in court today, revealing the horrible details of the shooting.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ricard Dial provided testimony during day one and detailed a quote allegedly said by Travis McMichael, that Bryan Jr. heard. After three shots from McMichael’s shotgun rang off int he area, Bryan states he heard the shooter say “f***ng n***er.”

Dial detailed the slur was said during the May 13 GBI interview and had not been previously announced, CNN reports. Further investigation shows McMichael used the slur online and in messaging services.


Beyond those occurrences, McMichael was noted to have said “numerous times” on social media and in messaging services that McMichael said things would be better if someone “blown that N-word’s head off.”

“There’s evidence of Mr. Bryan’s racist attitude in his communications, and from that I extrapolate the reason why he made assumptions he did that day,” he said. “He saw a man running down the road with a truck following him, and I believe he made certain assumptions that were, at least in part, based upon his racial bias.”

The opening hearings also revealed Arbery was chased and ran until he was unable to anymore. Arbery was also believed to have been hit by the truck that chased him.