According to several confirmed reports, former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford has been arrested in Texas on felony domestic violence charges for a May 8 incident, in which Crawford’s ex-girlfriend claims that he choked her and held her at gunpoint.

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The two met in an attempt to reconcile the differences in their relationship, but when Crawford arrived, the woman alleges that Crawford pulled out a gun and began questioning her about another male acquaintance.

According to court documents, Crawford “held the gun in one hand, and used the other hand to grab her by the head and neck while asking her how long she had been dating a male acquaintance.” The All Stare outfielder banged the woman’s head into the wall several times. She alleges that it was only because of her one-year-old daughter distracting Crawford that she was able to escape the apartment. Crawford also allegedly threatened the woman, sending her a number of text messages, one of which read, “That wasn’t a beating u just mad I made u confess.”


Crawford surrendered to Harris County authorities yesterday and is being held on a $10,000 bond.

Crawford’s luck hasn’t been so good this past month, with a woman and child drowning in his swimming pool on May 16.