Drew Brees caught a ton of criticism after he downplayed and redefined the George Floyd, Black Lives Matter protests happening across the country that could spill into the NFL season. Two of his teammates, Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins, publicly criticized the future Hall of Fame quarterback for his tone-deaf remarks.

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Brees apologized on Thursday saying he needs to do “more listening and less talking” and Thomas accepted the apology saying on Twitter “that’s what we are taught to do as Christians.”

Brees and Thomas have been arguably the best quarterback-wide receiver duo in the league the past couple years with Thomas hitting career highs in receiving yards (1725) and receptions (149).


Thomas may have accepted the apology, but Brees’ apology has mostly gone in one ear and out of the other to those paying attention. Columnist for The Atlantic and former ESPN host Jemele Hill slammed Brees on Twitter for participating in #BlackoutTuesday and then criticizing the police brutality protests in the NFL.

“Either you don’t really believe in the issues, only believe in them so much, or you’re just kind of performing this thing because it feels like the right thing to do,” Hill said.

Hill later went on CNN to directly address the apology. “He needed to apologize for sure but I would like to see what Drew Brees does from here on out. as the old adage goes pay attention to what they do not what they say.”