We already heard Shannon Sharpe throw out his Drew Brees comments on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, but Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take also had some bars.

Stephen A hit the screen with Max Kellerman and Dominique Foxworth and called the response to kneeling during the anthem “ignorant” and that Brees should know better to make the statement.

“It was shockingly so, how tone death he appeared to be considering his history and the kind of things he has done post Hurricane Katrina and beyond,” Smith said. “I definitely think it justified the reaction it got from his teammates, specifically Malcolm Jenkins.

“Having said all of that, I got news for y’all, this uproar nationwide, here’s what I think everybody is missing: this is a victory for communication. I actually don’t mind that this happened because Drew Brees and his actions yesterday were emblematic of tone-deafness and stripping the veil of white privilege that we have been lamenting for a long time.”

You can hear Stephen A. Smith’s full statement below.