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Following the recent protests, riots and uproar against police brutality, professional boxer Deontay Wilder‘s meme-worthy comment ‘To This Day’ resonates now more than ever. The Bronze Bomber released an epic gut-wrenching spoken word on his Instagram page that definitely hits home. Instead of saying ‘I told you so!” The young king took the time to spread a much needed message.
“It isn’t about Blacks Vs Whites…It’s about Blacks Vs Racism” he posted to his Instagram page to almost 3 million followers.

Two years ago when reporter Radio Rahim asked Wilder about his statement and questioned what he meant when he said that ‘black people in American had been fighting for 400 years, it took Wilder over the edge and he took the time to school Rahim.


“They’re your people too! You know what I’m talking about, you all know what I’m talking about!” Wilder screamed.

“Don’t sit up here and try to bait. Y’all know what the f*** I talk about when I say these things. Your people too.”

“How dare you, man?” Wilder fired back. “You know what I’m talking about. You know we’ve been fighting and we’re still fighting ’til this day. ‘Til this day! ‘Til this day! ‘Til this day!”

“I ain’t gotta explain what’s understood, Radio Rahim…If ain’t nobody understand that, then God be with them, go look up the history.

“S***, don’t everybody believe in Google? Go Google that s***, see what I’m talking about.”
“I dare you to sit up there and (ask me to) explain, you know what I’m talking about. His fighting people, you know what we’ve been fighting for and still fighting for to this day. To this day, to this day!”

Watch his new jewel dropper below!