During the protests over the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officers, The Pokemon Company pledged to donate $100,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement and the same to the NCAAP in a recent twitter post.

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Just a little background, according to Google, Pokemon is a Japanese company that is responsible for brand management, production, marketing and licensing of the Pokemon franchise, consisting of video game software, a trading card game, anime television series, films, manga, home entertainment products, merchandise, and other ventures.

As of right now, The Pokemon Company brand is currently worth 92 BILLION…BILLION! As much as the black community is appreciative of the donation this money seems like coins you give to the homeless figuratively speaking.


The latest games in the Pokemon saga Pokemon Sword and Shield, have sold over 17 million units. With these figures in mind, I’m sure Pokemon would not mind donating a lot more coins seeing how they are getting right back especially during this pandemic when people are buying games to stimulate themselves and running up a wall.

Pokemon can surely do more but corporations are not people but with this move is certainly a step in the right direction but also might speculate an intent to make the firm look better in the public eye rather than a true display of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will have to just wait and see how they really show themselves as time goes on.