Rev. Al Sharpton has announced a march in Washington, D.C., to commemorate the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington. The USA Today reports the march will aim to “restore and recommit that dream.

Sharpton revealed the decision of “going back to Washington” while delivering the eulogy at the funeral of George Floyd, who was killed in the hands of Minneapolis police last month.

“We going back to Washington, Martin,” Sharpton said to Martin Luther King III, the son of the civil rights leader, who was on hand at the funeral. “That’s where your father stood in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial and said, ‘I have a dream.’ “

The return to Washington in August is said “to stand up, because just like in one era, we had to fight slavery. Another era, we had to fight Jim Crow. Another era, we dealt with voting rights. This is the era to deal with policing and criminal justice.”

The 1963 March on Washington was the host for the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. King III will assist in the planning and organizing of the march.

You can see the announcement below.