Somehow, someway, we are still talking about “The Story of Adidon” diss track by Pusha-T targeted at Drake. This time it isn’t neither of the rappers involved speaking on it, instead, Noah “40” Shebib is giving his reactions.

40 spoke with Rolling Stone in an interview and the “Sick, sick, sick” bar about the producer having Multiple Sclerosis was revisited.

“OVO 40, hunched over like he 80—tick, tick, tick
How much time he got? That man is sick, sick, sick.”

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“I guess all I’ll say is that was just a different thing for me. Different than a bar that he gets off. No real comment. I made my comment. It was National MS Awareness day,” 40 said. He would also add how he used the moment to bring awareness to the disease.

“Ultimately, I like turning things into positive situations or brighter sides. And if that brings awareness to my disease on a bigger level, I was happy about that. That’s what I used it for. That ultimately is a good thing for me. I like that transaction we had from that perspective. I’m very vocal about it.

“That was something different than a bar in a song. That’s cool, I barely know that guy,” 40 said of Pusha-T added.

40 would go on to detail how the disease impacts his body, revealing he learned his diagnosis at 22-years-old. He would say that he learned he could stop moving at any time. He would also recall a moment on a tour that resulted in his facing going numb and uncontrollable shaking leading to a doctor visit.

The hit-making producer would also reveal that he was not taking the medication required for suppression of MS, which he says resulted in “about a third of my brain’s dead at this juncture.”

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