YG is the latest celebrity on the chopping block after he reportedly recorded a music video at a Los Angeles Black Lives Matter protest over the weekend.

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There were tens of thousands of people surrounding the Compton rapper, and he reportedly left after the visuals were wrapped up.


“Imagine showing up to a protest to march and bring an awareness…only to be met by Hurricane Chris popping out like ‘some, y’all extras,’” one Instagram comment read regarding the situation. “It’s infuriating, regardless of the intentions, there’s a big difference between artistry and [convenience].”


Chika sounded off about the “Big Bank” rapper’s alleged actions. She assured that she doesn’t have any personal problems with him but thinks he’s “stupid” in a lengthy IGTV video. “People are chanting these names because they’ve passed, and you are chanting it for a music video. I haven’t seen you at one of these protests,” she says in the clip.

“You’re capitalizing off of people being fucking tired,” she continues. “I give a fuck about these people who died and making sure no one else dies, that’s why we’re out here…People are willing to put their bodies on the front lines for your stupid ass music video. No one even listens to you outside of California.”

Chika was arrested last week during a Los Angeles protest and documented the moment she was detained on her Instagram story.

“For anyone out there talking I don’t question your advocacy and don’t think you should question mine,” YG wrote before giving the back story.

“The real story here is me and Black Lives Matter brought out 50,000 people today to peacefully protest and unite for change,” he added. “I wanted to document that so when they hear this song and think we are reckless and violent they see a peaceful protest of all different people coming together for a common cause…instead of questioning each other’s activism we should be directing that energy at the cops and the government and helping to create the change we want to see. Stay focused and stop that social media judgment without knowing facts and hurting a cause we all a part of.”

BLOOP! Everybody should’ve just sat there and ate their food.