Rapper Trina is receiving heavy backlash for describing the looters as “animals” who are acting as though “they have escaped from the zoo.”

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With the recent events relating to the death of George Floyd, which has led to multiple peaceful marches worldwide, people have looked to celebrities to speak out against racism and police injustice using their platform.


Since she made the comments she has already issued two apologies. One of her apologies she posted on Instagram stating “I take full responsibility for my actions, and for any confusion that I might have caused regarding my feelings on what we’re dealing with right now.”


Now there is a petition on Change.org to get her removed from her radio morning show that she co-hosts with fellow Miami artist Trick Daddy on the T&T Morning Show, where she made the comments that went viral.

Since she made the comments last week, as of Wednesday, June 10th, the petition accumulated more than 13,000 signatures. Its current goal is 15,000.

The petition states:

Trina has taken it upon herself to condemn the residents of Miami who participated in the recent protests, live on air, in the most HEINOUS of ways. Not only did she lump protestors and the handful of looters together, but Ms. Taylor also took it upon herself to refer to protestors, who were majority Black and people of color, as “ANIMALS running the streets.”

It is with great disgust that, I, and many other Black Miami natives have to hear such derogatory and disrespectful speech from someone who has only seen success because of OUR support. To make matters worse, Trina made such erroneous statements on a radio station that has a majority BLACK audience after we’ve endured her obnoxious attitude and middle school reading level for months. Not only did she let such ignorant and grotesque statements leave her mouth, she stood firm on them as her co-hosts tried to remind her to watch her words. Clearly, she meant what she said, so an apology will NOT do. Trina needs to be removed from this radio show IMMEDIATELY — it is the only way 99Jamz/Cox Media Group can make it up to its listeners.

Do you think Trina should be fired? Or can we forgive her and give her another chance?

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