So Tyson Fury is feeling pretty confident that he will get another win over Deontay Wilder because he has already agreed to take on Anthony Joshua.

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ESPN reports promoter Eddie Hearns is behind “the basics” that the two fighters have come to for 2021. The contracts have yet to be signed but the first of the two bouts is believed to happen in the Summer of 2021.

“We have agreed to the basics of the deal, a two-fight deal,” Hearn said. “The hardest part is to agree to the financial element of the deal. We have agreed with Tyson Fury and the team, and we can now move forward with finalizing the smaller parts of the deal. The good news for fight fans is that we have agreed to do the two fights and we can now go and dot the I’s and cross the T’s.


“They also have fights in between to make and get through, and that’s another issue.”

Of those fights is the third battle between Wilder and Fury that was sent event for late 2020. Another fight for Wilder is Dillian Whyte, which appears to be for Early 2021.

“Who knows what’s going to happen with Deontay Wilder, but we [Matchroom Sport] want Dillian Whyte to fight for the world title, and he is supposed to fight Tyson Fury, the WBC champion, by February 2021,” Hearn said. “There are obstacles to overcome, but the good news is that we are moving forward.”

What does Fury himself have to say about the developments? Check below.