According to a confirmed report, the sexual assault accuser of Compton rapper The Game may cash in on his royalties to satisfy the $7 million judgment.

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Federal Judge Virginia Philips decided that Priscilla Rainey may collect Game’s royalties from BMI until the debt is paid in full. If The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, tries to block the payments, he can receive jail time.

According to the docs, the first payment Rainey will receive will come as early as this week. Court docs also show that Rainey complained about only being able to collect $70,000 prior to the most recent ruling. 


Back in 2015, Rainey sed Taylor, alleging that he groped her sexually while on stage during a taping of the reality show She’s Got Game. A jury found The Game guilty, ordering the Documentary rapper to pay $1.13 million in compensation plus $6 million in punitive damages.