Offset is making his voice heard. The Atlanta rapper voted for the first time ever during Georgia’s down-ballot primary on Tuesday.

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He posted the memorable moment on Instagram to inform his fans that he exercised his right to vote in his home state.

The “Clout” rapper admitted that he was “proud” to contribute to making a change. In the post, he talks about not being able to vote due to his prior convictions, and due to those convictions, Georgia does not allow felons to vote.


“I just voted, my first time, 28 years old. I got past my record and my past history, and I’m able to vote, he said in an Instagram video, pointing out his “I voted” sticker in the shape of a Georgia peach,” he says.

He continued saying, “Come hit the polls up … Everybody been going through the same pain, we can face it an2d make a change.”

Other ATLiens hit the polls such as T.I. and Jeezy, and proudly showcased the moment that many of our ancestors didn’t have the right to have. “I know voting is not the end-all, be all. But we must fight this battle on all fronts! We ain’t letting up! They want you to believe your vote doesn’t count,” said Jeezy.