With the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, companies have been finding new ways to show their support and stand in solidarity with the black community. Starbucks claims to support the Black Lives Matter movement but most people of the community question the integrity of that after hearing the ban the company placed on employees to wear anything supporting the global BLM movement. Since Starbucks’ loyalty to its black customers is in question, many customers have decided to boycott the coffee giant.

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Following the first call to boycott the company, a Starbucks employee decided to call them out after learning about the new ban of any visible Black Lives Matter gear. “I might get fired for this but I’m calling @Starbucks out, how are y’all gonna say we can’t wear any anything BLM bc it’s a personal issue, but have us wear and profit off pride month shirts, cups, gift cards. BLM and Pride were both created to fight injustice, what’s the difference?” the tweet read.

In an attempt to show their support with the Black Lives Matter movement, Starbucks responded to the tweet with this statement. “Hello. All U.S. CO partners will be sent a Starbucks partner shirt to lend our collective voice in support of our Black partners, customers and communities. The design will come from the Black Partner Network emphasizing our role and responsibility to not be bystanders.”


The company then tweeted a list of educational resources for the Black Lives Matter movement. “Black lives matter. We are committed to being a part of change,” the tweet read.

This wouldn’t be the first incident that led to a boycott on Starbucks. A frustrated Twitter user reminds the community of the first incident that started the call to action, “April 2018. NEVER FORGET. Two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philly for doing nothing but waiting for a friend & now Starbucks is banning employees from wearing anything in support of black lives? THIS IS INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM #BoycottStarbucks.”

Many users even plan to purposely write “Black Lives Matter” as the name on their order, forcing the employees to shout it out when the order is ready.