In this throwback video of Tupac Shakur, the rapper strolls the Venice Beach Boardwalk while being interviewed by MTV News Tabitha Soren who seemed lost and out of touch. This classic video from 1995 gives us a glimpse into the heart of Tupac who dropped tons of jewels in between the horrible invading questions. As a journalist myself I remember as a child watching MTV and wondering how these professionals were so uninformed and unprepared about the people they were interviewing.

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This awkward video includes constant questions about why he didn’t have a father growing up, his mother being a crackhead, and repeatedly questioning if Tupac himself abused crack. Tabitha’s interrogating questions seemed more like someone being nosey and wanting gossip as opposed to showcasing her talents and his as well. The topics stayed negative and she unleashed a hail of questions that seemed amateur. In true Tupac fashion, he knocks it out the ballpark teaching Tabitha along the way. He stops to relate to fans walking by and continues to show that even at 21-years old he was powerful, educated and able to pull himself up and out of poverty as he shared himself with the world. Tupac was so eloquent with his words and vision and we love to watch his words captured on film.

Happy Birthday Tupac.