Skai Jackson seems to have moved on passed her beef with Bhad Bhabie.

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The Disney star filed a restraining order on Bhabie following a series of threats and attacks on social media. Rumor has it that the beef stems from allegations that the actress was dating NBA Young Boy who Bhabie has tattooed on her.

But about two weeks ago Bhabie, born Danielle Bregolli, admitted to going through some “personal issues” and checked into a rehabilitation center.


The “Jesse” actress found it in her heart to withdraw the restraining order as Bregolli gets her life back on track. “Because Danielle stopped threatening me after the Court ordered her to do so, and now that she’s made the decision to work on herself through rehab and therapy, I’m pleased that I don’t need to extend my restraining order. If she goes back to her old ways, of course, we’ll have to change that, but I hope and believe that it won’t be necessary,” the court document read.

She added, “I think it’s great that Danielle is getting the help she feels she needs. I wish her nothing but the best on her road to recovery.”

We stan a classy Black queen, and Skai Jackson is the epitome of that.

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