StaySolidRocky is rising pretty quickly. His debut single, “PartyGirl” is on the brink of breaking into the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 after hitting the top 30 two weeks prior. Now his Billboard hit is already certified gold and trending towards platinum status.

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The success of “PartyGirl” has not stopped StaySolidRocky. The San-Antonio native is just getting started.

“I don’t use a standard flow or try to recreate whatever I did on my last song,” he says. “I make things that will sound good to the ear, and I always take pride in my lyrics.”


The 19-year-old rapper uses his melodic flow to galvanize his audience with a new single, “Toxic.” In the music video, directed by Rock and Egg, the dark but colorful visuals show Rocky burying himself in an experiment while attempting to reanimate the body of his fallen lover. But things take a turn when he is left to fend for himself in a room full of flames.

Peep the new “Toxic” visuals below.