There still seems to be an ongoing debate about George Floyd’s death and the point of the story is: Ex-Minnesota officer, Derek Chauvin, murdered him in broad daylight when he had no right to.

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Amid the spark of the nationwide protests activists are suggesting to defund police departments and implore community-based enforcements, which will allow citizen policing. Apparently, some eyewitnesses to the tragic incident tried to police Chauvin when they reported him to 911.

Minneapolis released transcripts Wednesday of the 911 calls and you can feel the raw emotion through the words.


The calls began rolling in at 8:32 seconds apart from each other. One caller said, “I literally watched police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man. They fing killed him.” The caller insisted, “I’m recording this. I’m, I mean I’m fing recording this right now.”

Another reported, “Yeah I just watched Officer #987 kill a, ah … a citizen in front of a Chicago [ave.] ah…store.”

The caller went on to say, “He had his knee on the dude’s neck the whole time. I don’t even know if he dead for sure but dude was not responsive when the ambulance came and got him, and the officer that was just out here left, the one that actually just murdered the kid in front of everybody.”

TMZ previously reported that a 911 dispatcher expressed concerned about the handling of the arrest and dismissed the consequences of being labeled a “snitch.”