Josh Gordon is Attempting yet another comeback after being suspended from the NFL last year. The 29-year-old wide receiver played for the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks last season.

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Josh Gordon was arguably one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL, but a series of drug policy violations derailed his promising career. Gordon has been suspended by the league five times for the same violation.

Gordon was suspended on the tail end of last season for a reported relapse. The athlete’s agent said that the death of Gordon’s brother is what triggered the relapse. “He’s installed the right team around him to make sure he’s on the right path,” Gordon’s lawyer told an NFL reporter.


Gordon made a hopeful return to the league in 2017 as detailed in a 13-minute UNINTERRUPTED piece where Gordon details mental health challenges and the origins of his drug addiction.

Still only 29 years old, if reinstated Gordon has a chance to, if nothing else, secure a decent sized bag before father time kicks in.