Football Fans, are you all ready? Well, it looks like Ex Steeler and Patriot Antonio Brown is. 

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In a recently posted video, Brown, alongside NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to hint at reinstatement. 

“With the best commissioner in the game, it’s time to celebrate now,” AB says in the video.


This coming just days after Deion Sanders and Brown spoke candidly in a video released by Bleacher Report. During that chat with Antonio Brown, the Pro Football Hall of Famer revealed that he once had suicidal thoughts, which eventually led to him trying to take his own life. 

“I was suicidal, dog. I almost did the thing,” Sanders says to Brown in the Bleacher Report video. “I tried to do that thing, because I couldn’t handle it. I got to an emotional low, a devastation of personal things going on, and I couldn’t handle it. I’m glad and I’m thankful that you ain’t never tried to check out.”

It seems many veterans and ex-players including other Hall Of Famers are coming to the aid of Brown. Who at one point seemed to be having a mental breakdown due to stress and uncertainty regarding his playing career. 

This is a huge step by the NFL. Simply not turning their backs on the players they get so much out of physically. Sitting down, reviewing issues, and finding solutions. 

Only time will tell what team Brown calls home this season. But one thing is for sure, it’ll be great to see that Class-A speed flying down the field on Sundays again.