According to several confirmed news reports, ring tone rapper Hurricane Chris was arrested and charged with second degree murder in connection with a shooting in Shrevport, Louisiana.
Chris, whose real name is Chrstopher Dooley, was arrested yesterday morning(June 19) and charged with second degree murder and illegal possesion of stolen property. Dolley was taken into custody shortly after the shooting at 1 am.

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According to the police report, officers arrived to find a man who had been shot multiple times; he died after being taken to a local hospital. The investigators said that Dooley claimed the shooting was in self-defense, after an alleged struggle over a vehicle that he claimed was his but officers later learned did not belong to him and was stolen from its owner in Texas. Video footage of the incident also led detectives to believe that the Shrevport rapper did not act in self-defense.

Chris is best known for his 2007 smash hit “A Bay Bay”, which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 3 on its rap chart and was certified platinum.


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