Camille Cosby gave her first major interview in six years when she appeared on ABC News Live Prime following the decision for Pennsylvania Supreme Court to give Bill Cosby an appeal in his sexual assault conviction.

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Speaking with anchor Linsey Davis, Camille Cosby stated that she is “very, very pleased,” while also suggesting the #MeToo movement needs to “clean up their act.” She would go on to say she does not “care” about the feelings of women who have placed accusations on her husband.

“My first reaction is hopefulness, possibilities,” Cosby said in the interview. “The state’s highest court … has said, ‘Wait a minute. There are some problems here. They can be considered for an appeal.'”


Camille Cosby also updated the health of her husband stating that he currently does not have coronavirus and at the moment is “doing fine.”

In the forthcoming appeal attempt, Cosby’s council will challenge the decision of Judge Steven T. O’Neill to hear five accusers, citing they were unreliable and were not apart of the charges.

You can read more about the appeal attempt here and hear the full interview with Camille Cosby below.