Yo Gotti and Team ROC acquired legal representation for over 180 incarcerated men in the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) to address deplorable living conditions at Parchman prison and other locations.

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In addition, Team ROC attorney Alex Spiro assisted Centene shareholder Laura Wood in a lawsuit against Centene, the parent company of Parchman prison’s healthcare provider Centurion, due to the death number in Parchman and state prisons.

Centene is now aiming at Roc Nation, sidestepping a solution, and attempting a subpoena for their emails for public records.


Spiro responds in a legal filing stating, “through these Subpoenas seeking information unnecessary for and unrelated to the narrow scope of this action, Centene seeks to employ the age-old tactic of intimidation to shield its records from public eye.”

Spiro would go on to detail Centene “apparently seeks to use the discovery process as a means to thwart [Roc Nation’s] efforts to improve the criminal justice system” and notes that “in light of protests in recent weeks raising the alarm about the inequitable treatment of people of color and calling for accountability, this Court should reject Centene’s attempt through these Subpoenas.”

To date, since Dec. 29, there have been 23 deaths in Parchman prison and 48 overall deaths in prisons across the MDOC.

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