In 2018, the romance between Naomi Campbell and MC Skepta was the talk of the town. Although the couple never admitted to being in a relationship, fans of the two couldn’t help but call try to call the two out on their bluff.

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Controversy seems to follow the pair once more after an interview with Naomi surfaced the internet. When asked about her dating life, Campbell shares that she is friends with all of her exes, minus one.

“Whatever they say about me, I have remained friends with all my exes . . . except the last one,” she stated. Campbell never identified who the “last one” was but, fans were quick to assume that the supermodel could be referring to British MC, Skepta.  


When Campbell was asked about Skepta, she replied, “A lady never discusses the details of her private life.”

The topic could’ve been too hot for Campbell because she took to her social media to shut down the rumors that she and Skepta are not friends.

“STOP. All love between Us @skeptagram,” the supermodel captioned a photo of her and the British MC. One of the pics Campbell used was an intimate black and white shot of the two.

While there is still some curiosity in the air revolving around Campbell’s dating life we can all agree on one thing, a private life is a happy life.