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If only the rest of the community had this type of intensity when it comes to feeding the ‘hood.

Philly rapper Meek Mill and Virginia singer Trey Songz found themselves at odds with each other yesterday on Instagram over donating money to the “Feed Your Community” challenge.

Songz came on an IG post on Mill’s page where he was holding a stack of 100s. The VA crooner commented on the post, saying, “Take some of them bands and accept the #feedyourcommunitychallenge…”

After that comment, things got real…real fast.


Songz decided to take it a step further and put up his own post challenging the Dream Chasers general.

The back and forth continued, with Trey asking Meek why he felt offended by his “challenge” and of course, Meek responded.

Mill’s replies can be seen below.

Meek eventually tweeted that it was all love between the two and that it was just a big misunderstanding.