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Wasting no time after Gov. Phil Murphy announced that theme parks were now cleared for people to attend, Six Flags Great Adventure announces its reopening set for July 3rd. 

Officials for Six Flags are calling the opening on July 3rd a “preview day”. Stating that guests will have to get their temperature taken, maintain social distancing, and wear masks at the park.

Even though the park hasn’t announced when the online ticket system will begin, park-goers seem excited for the opportunity to reserve a slot. Once everything is up and running, park goers will be contacted either by email, text, or both the day before their scheduled visit.


With season pass holders getting priority over single-day and group ticket buyers, people are doing everything possible not to miss the big day. Thrill junkies and speed enthusiasts have been waiting patiently to let some stress go. Especially with the parks safari opening as a five-mile drive-thru attraction on May 30.

It is unsure what the initial amount of people allowed in the park will be. But park officials are confident that the number of people allowed in the park is expected to increase throughout the summer. Other safety precautions include dining areas and outdoor entertainment venues being reconfigured to allow for proper spacing. As well as empty rows left on roller coasters and other attractions.

Park officials stated that signs would be placed throughout the park reminding people to wear their masks and continue to socially distance. There I’ll also be enhanced cleaning of rides and handrails. And workers will use low-pressure backpack sprayers to disinfect large areas, including tables, chairs, and counters. 

I for one, as a thrill junkie, am excited to hear this news. It will be interesting what other parks under the Six Flags umbrella across the country will do. Fingers crossed!