Donald Trump has continuously attempted to cast himself as a “law and order” president. An extremely weird flex considering the position he holds as “Leader Of The Free World.”

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He has garnered a track record of calling out and demeaning elected leaders in Chicago, as well as Democrats of being too soft on crime. Being even harsher amid nationwide protests that have sometimes resulted in clashes with police and often violence. 

Well, it seems Trump’s “point” wasn’t getting across via media, so he took another approach. One that resulted in an “open letter” regarding the city’s gun violence being sent to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker. 


In the letter, Trump accuses both Democratic leaders of “putting your own political interests ahead of the lives, safety, and fortunes of your own citizens.”

“Your lack of leadership on this important issue continues to fail the people you have sworn to protect,” Trump wrote. “I am concerned it is another example of your lack of commitment to the vulnerable citizens who are victims of this violence and a lack of respect for the men and women in law enforcement.”

The letter and accusations came one day after Trump referred to Chicago as “worse than Afghanistan.”

The letter ends with Trump saying: “Unfortunately, you continue to put your own political interests ahead of the lives, safety, and fortunes of your own citizens.  The people of Chicago deserve better.”

In response to the letter, Gov. Pritzker said: “President Trump is a failure who has once again resorted to a press stunt in an attempt to distract from his long list of failures.” Going on to say, “The people of this state and this nation have unfortunately come to expect his unhinged attempts to politicize tragedy.”

Mayor Lightfoot, who has no issue being vocal regarding Donald Trump’s foolishness responded via Twitter, saying: “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump.”

There will for sure be more to this moving forward as Trump seldom backs down once he gets going. However, Chicago’s Mayor is not one to hide from accusations. Especially those concerning the city she’s responsible for leading.