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Pride makes us artificial, and humility makes us real! An affirmation that always reminds Sazon De Puerto Rico about her upbringing. She is a renowned Instagram model who has more than 1 million followers. She started her career in March 2019, and never thought that things would turn out this good. Sazon De Puerto Rico recently shared intricate aspects that inspire her to pursue her dreams.

Models and adult entertainers are often judged because of their engagement. The bias that people develop towards them limits most of these professionals from engaging in constructive conversations. Sazon De Puerto Rico usually hopes that her fans would refrain from stereotyping her, an inevitable aspect that she has learned to embrace. Interestingly, most of her followers do not know anything about her past.

When she was younger, Sazon De Puerto Rico was really into Church. Her grandmother was pivotal in imparting religious cues within her. At one point, she badly wanted to be a nun because of the positive influence she was getting from other Christians she was interacting with. She admits that her view about the world and religion evolved, making her realize the reality of things defining her existence. Her perspectives changed, but the fact that she was raised in a Christian home molded her to become a hardworking and respectable woman.


It was impossible not to notice the struggles that her family was going through as she grew older. Financial challenges rocked the unity within their family, and she badly wanted to change things. She hoped to get that one opportunity that would change her life and use her success to elevate everyone who loved her. Sazon De Puerto Rico worked as a resource specialist in a Mental Health Department prior to starting her Instagram modeling career. She used her salary to support her family members, to remind them that everything she was doing was more of an appreciation to them for the humble upbringing. Sazon De Puerto Rico left home to seek her fortune, and when she got it, she shared it with those closest to her- this might have been the source of her blessings.

Sazon De Puerto Rico insists that her greatest enemy is prejudice, her best friend is time, and her life-time companion is humility. Her selflessness trait enables her to influence younger models into realizing their potential. As much as she has bigger dreams, she is aware that she cannot grow alone. With a close network of friends and mentors, she will be able to explore the limits of her talents. Through all this, her past will define how she engages with others- humility will be her weapon!

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