It’s time to get healthy by any means necessary and question the origins of what we put into our bodies. Veganism continues to rise in popularity as people of all ages vow to cut animal products from their diet. Traditionally, our eating habits are passed down from older family members who tend to have repeated cycles themselves. Macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and candied yams are favorites of many, however these mucus-forming foods can also cause several health problems.

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Many hip hop celebrities have publicly announced their decision to adopt a plant-based diet. Whether they make the switch for health reasons, or the lives of animals, there are many benefits that derive from veganism. Rapper RZA  of the Wu-tang Clan has been vegan since the 90s. He shared a memory of once eating 29 chicken wings before he bit into the bone of the last wing and his mind said… ‘dead bird’. Masta Killa and GZA, also from the Wu-tang Clan influenced many of the members to adopt a vegan diet. GZA breaks down the ‘slave diet’ known as soul food and why black people grew up on the worst diet. MC Lyte, Erykah Badu, Jermaine Dupri, A$AP Rocky and many more have also adopted vegan diets. Styles P changed the game and opened a chain of vegan juice bars, Juices For Life to offer better choices in urban neighborhoods. Similarly, people who grew up in these environments often use food as a form of celebration and comfort. In addition…who really wants to offend grandma? Now is the time to share new healthy habits with our families that will extend our lifespan and enhance our lifestyle.

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