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We all know how frustrating it can be when you find out something that you value has been stolen. Growing Up Hip Hop star Bow Wow took his frustrations to social media after learning that two tattooed white males stole his motorcycle, from his home security footage.

Since then, Bow Wow has taken to Instagram to ask for help from his supporters in efforts to identify the two thugs who stole his bike. “I know y’all didn’t know that was my sh*t, now y’all do,” Bow Wow states in the video. “It’s a problem. Listen, we can do this two ways, alright,” he mentioned before posing an ultimatum.

“Either y’all can return my sh*t, and we can just- I’ll call it spade for spade. But if I have to find y’all and take time out of my busy schedule to get my sh*t back which I will- and the internet is gone tell me everything that I need to know,” the rapper continued before promising to make it worth the public’s while.


Bow Wow has posted the camera footage of the men to his Instagram and has even mentioned that he would give $10k to anyone who could help give some details regarding the men or his bike.

The search for the motorcycle is taking place in the “buckhead midtown area” of Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully, Bow Wow will be able to obtain his bike again.