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A wedding in Patna, Bihar, India took a tragic turn with the death of the groom and 95 guests from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The wedding was on June 15 and was attended by over 350 guests.

The 30-year-old groom, a software engineer based in Gurugram, passed away two days after the wedding. However, he was cremated without being tested for coronavirus, although he was asymptomatic.


The administration could not test the groom as his family had already performed the last rites without informing the authorities.

The groom returned to his village Deehpali on May 12 for his wedding. During the period, he developed symptoms for COVID-19.

The groom was reportedly unwell and his condition further deteriorated during the wedding ceremony. He was being treated at a hospital in Patna but his family reportedly forced him to take medication and continue with the ceremony.

The Fallout

The administration was informed about the matter after an anonymous caller tipped Patna’s District Magistrate Sri Kumar Ravi.

As many as 15 attendees tested COVID-19 positive after which the administration began contact tracing.

On Monday, 80 more people who attended the wedding tested positive for novel coronavirus, making it possibly the first such case of mass spread of COVID-19 in Bihar.

Meanwhile, the bride tested negative for COVID-19.

The administration said that the guidelines were blatantly flouted by the family who went ahead with the wedding despite the groom manifesting COVID-19 symptoms.

It also noted that there was a gross violation of social distancing rules as only 50 people are permitted to attend any wedding function.

However, there were over 350 guests at the ceremony. The district magistrate has ordered an investigation into the matter.