Resilient and determined, the artist, Produkt is a creator, businessman and lyrical storyteller who had seen two sides of life, providing an interesting dynamic which is reflected in his music. He came up through the gang-riddled streets of the southeast Bronx Castle Hill neighborhood and the working class Throgs Neck area. Blessed with a special talent for expressing how he sees and absorbs things, he gives back to the listeners in a way they haven’t heard before. “Just life that I’ve experienced and made it to the other side of that has brought me to where I am today, lyrically, melodically and where my head is at, businesswise as well,” he said.

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Produkt knows firsthand what it is like to overcome obstacles, and his music makes listeners feel like they can accomplish and come out on the other side. “It’s always going to be something uplifting and inspirational,” Produkt said about his music. “It’s either going to walk you through a hard relationship or walk you through a hard day.” Released in early May, his latest single, “Supreme Wizards” is a walk through the streets in their true form, not shying away from revealing the difficulties and drama, and the downside of getting to the upside. While showing what the ride entails coming up in the streets of New York City, the track also shares the positivity of getting to the other side. Produced by Frank Benz at their South Bronx production and recording studio, La Bodega Studios, the track features Produkt along with the artist, Rothstien.

The first rapper to be nominated for more than five single-year underground music awards and won three in the UMA’s eleven year history, Produkt released two hit singles, “Hold It Down” and “Freak Affair” in 2014. This caught the attention of respected music critics and kicked off his ascent to notoriety. While those earlier hits had a more melodic type relationship feel, “Supreme Wizards” comes with the more streetwise energy to open the mind to the realities of life.


“Supreme Wizards” is also the lead single for Produkt’s next major project. “Hit and Run,” a double EP consisting of two distinct playlists (“Hit” and “Run”) will be released on the same day in July. Characterized by melodic, mainstream hit music with cutting edge vocals and rap, the “Hit” playlist features Produkt, Frank Benz and Rothstien on such tracks as the relationship vibe “Hand Soap” along with “Switch,” with its uptempo strip club energy. “Run,” which will include the “Supreme Wizards” single, has the energy to give that extra push when you’re working out in the gym or you have had a rough day.

While some artists are making music that is right for only a particular moment, Produkt uses his versatility to create music of substance. He affirms that “people want substance. People want to hear a complete thought. I want to make music that lives forever, and not for just one moment.” With the release of “Supreme Wizards” and “Hit and Run,” Produkt continues to craft superior music which has gained him a substantial following.

A strong believer in the strength of the individual, Produkt conveys the powerful message that you should always bet on yourself. “We tend to let life dictate what we do out of what we assume may be a necessity. We think we should be doing something else,” he said. When people forget about their passions and dreams, they become frustrated. The anger at themselves as well as their circumstances comes out as all the nastiness in the world. Produkt continued “when you stop is when you quit. Stay focused through the distractions. Keep climbing for your goals. Don’t let the world distract you.”